45 Legit Work from Home Merchandising Companies


If you are looking for ways to earn money part-time, work from home merchandising companies are a great option. I have personally worked part-time as a field merchandiser. It’s an extremely convenient way to make money on the side.


If you are unfamiliar with this type of work – merchandisers are hired by merchandising companies to perform varies retail tasks. For the most part, the work is fairly easy. Assignments are most often performed in retail outlets such as Walmart, Kroger, Dollar General, Home Depot, Sam’s, etc. 

Typical tasks can include: 

  • Delivering new stock  
  • Offering product samples to customers  
  • Rotating stock  
  • Installing promotional signs  
  • Ensuring that the merchandise is displayed correctly  
  • Ensuring that the proper level of stock is maintained  
  • Taking Inventory and Performing Audits  
  • Setting up, tearing down or re-setting displays and /or promotional shelves  
  • Conducting physical product recalls

Work assignments can range from on-going part -time assignments, short term projects, route work, week end only projects or temporary special projects. 


What I like most about merchandising is that:

  • You have the benefit of having a steady paycheck.
  • You can choose your own work hours.
  • You can work for more than one merchandising company.
  • It’s easy to incorporate work assignments around your lifestyle.

Some companies use self-scheduling software, which gives you the ability to choose the assignments you want to complete. While other companies assign work assignments by territory.

Some assignments may require you to work on certain days or only during certain hours. But for the most part you can visit your assigned stores on the days and during the times that are most convenient for you. 

make money merchandising from home


Work from home merchandising companies hire both independent contractors and W-2 employees.  The amount of money that you can expect to earn varies widely. 

For Example: 

Independent contractors are paid per task.  Fees can range from $10.00 – $45.00 per task. 

The pay for W-2 employees can range from $12.00 – $18.00 per hour. Companies that hire part- time merchandisers as W-2 employees, generally reimburse for gas, pay for training, provide benefits and offer some type of bonus program.


Most work from home merchandising companies that hire W-2 employees pay weekly or bi-monthly. The majority of companies that hire independent contractors pay once a month; a few pay twice a month. Most all of the companies offer an option for direct deposit or pay via check. 

pros and cons merchandising work


  • Some work projects can be tedious.
  • The pay for some jobs can be too low for the amount of work required.
  • Some merchandising companies can have unreasonable deadlines.
  • Work flow for some companies that hire independent contractors can be inconsistent.
  • Pay raises can be slow for merchandisers that are W-2 employees.


Most work from home merchandising company don’t require a lot experience to get hired. If you have worked in any type of retail environment, this experience is generally enough to get your foot in the door with most companies.

The best way to get started is to apply to as many merchandising companies as possible.  A really great way to build up your experience, is to accept lower paying jobs.  Once you have established yourself and feel comfortable working as a merchandiser, you can then apply for higher paying merchandising jobs that require experience. 

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Along with merchandising jobs, some of the companies listed below also hire demo workers, samplers, schedulers, area managers, work from home sales reps and exit interviewers.


ASC Retail Merchandising

Action Link

Advantage Sales 

American Greetings

Anderson Merchandisers

Apollo Retail

Ardent Services Inc.

At Your Service

ATA Retail Services

BDS Marketing


Channel Partners

Chuck Latham

Convergence Marketing



Demo Sales Inc.

Driveline Retail


Foot Print Retail

Hallmark Cards

HDA Merchandising

ICC/ Decision Services

Lawrence Merchandising


Merchandise Management Co.

Mosaic Jobs

National Merchandising

News America Marketing

Premium Retail Services

Quest Service Group


Revenue Creations


SAS Retail Services

Shelf Tech

Spar Group

USA Merchandising Solutions

WIS International

Wolf Retail Services

Work Smart Merchandising



Many companies like Kellogg’s, Hershey’s and Pepsi post ads for merchandisers on job boards like: Indeed or Simply Hired.  And believe it or not, many organizations post jobs on Craigslist under retail or part-time jobs. 

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