15 Companies to Write Greeting Cards from Home

make extra money writing greeting cards online

Were you aware that you can get paid to write greeting cards from home? If you are witty, have a  creative flair or enjoy writing poems, then writing greeting cards can be a great way for you to earn money on the side.  

 Billions of greeting cards are sold every year in the United States alone. It wasn’t until I started researching this money making opportunity, did I discover there were so many companies that will pay you to write greeting cards from home.
Each greeting card publisher has a specific set of guidelines. And it appears that most are very selective. So before you consider submitting any work, be sure to take the time to read each publisher’s requirements.

Information to Keep In Mind  

  • As with with most freelance writing projects, the competition for greeting card writers is stiff. So you will need to be prepared to face a lot rejection. 
  • You won’t make a lot of money right away. Freelance greeting card writers are generally paid by the verse. On the average, writers earn $35 to $75 per verse. (Humor usually pays the highest)
  • Very few publishers pay royalties to freelance greeting card writers. Once you sell your writing, you surrender all rights to your work.


Now, if you are ready to try your hand at using your creative skills to write greeting cards from home, I have compiled a quick reference list to help you get started.  



15 Companies to Write Greeting Cards from Home

  • Blue Mountain Arts – Pays $30. Looking for poetry written from personal experiences. 
  • Comstock Marketplace – Pays $50. Looking for funny, adult humor.
  • NobleWorks CardsContact for guidelines. Looking for cards for all occasions.
  • Kalan– Pays $75 – $150. Looking for original and funny. 
  • Smart Alex Contact for guidelines. Looking for “funny, edgy and risque.”
  • Palm Press Inc Contact for guidelines. Looking for work for all occasions.
  • Oatmeal StudiosPays $75. Looking for humor. 
  • Peaceable Kingdom PressPays $50. Looking funny, silly, or humorous work geared towards kids.  
  • Ephemera, Inc. – Pays $50. Looking for a wide range about pop culture, politics & the president, job attitudes, women’s & men’s issues, coffee, booze, pot, drugs, religion, food, aging, teens, gays & lesbians, sexual come-ons & put-downs.
  • Freedom Greeting CardsContact for guidelines. Looking for contemporary cards all occasions. 
  • Marian Health Greeting Cards Contact for guidelines. Looking for work for all holidays. 
  • Fantus Paper ProductsContact for guidelines. Looking for everyday greeting cards, including all major holidays. 
  • Recycled Paper Greetings –  Contact for guidelines.Looking for birthday ideas.
  • Snafu Designs – Pays $100. Looking for humor geared towards adults.
  • Designer Greetings Contact for guidelines. Looking for traditional and humorous cards for all occasions 

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make money online writing greeting cards from home

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