make money answering questions

16 Ways to Make Money Answering Questions

Requirements to Get Started

Most websites or apps, don’t require a lot in order for you to get started. Here are the basic requirements:

The majority of sites listed below payout via PayPal.  A few sites may require that you verify your level of expertise or knowledge.

16 Sites to Make Money Answering Questions

These sites allow you to set your own rates, so you have the potential to make more money.  

Just Answer – A leading website that allows you to make money giving your expert advice on various subjects.

Directly – Pays you to answer questions about specific companies.

Ether – With this site, you get your own phone number.

Live Person – Pays you to answer questions within your area of expertise, i.e, taxes, health, etc.

Maven  – Allows you to earn money answering questions about things you know.

Keen  – You can make money online answering questions on this site, if you are you are gifted with psychic abilities.

PrestoExperts – Specializes in answering questions about technology, counseling, programming, etc.

Small Biz Advice – Allows you to earn money giving small business advice.

Studypool –  Allows you to bid on academic questions that you want to answer.


You can use these sites to “earn extra money” answering questions via an app on your smartphone. 

ChaCha – One of the leading and most trusted sites that you can use to make money answering questions.

IQ – Pays you instantly to answer questions and give feedback to businesses.

AQA6336  – This app pays you to answer questions for money via text message.

Other sites that will pay you to answer questions:

FixYa – Allows you to earn points that you can redeem for gifts for answering tech questions.

MyLot – You make money by answering questions and responding to discussions.

Needle – This site allows you to earn points for answering shopping questions.

Weegy – A question and answer directory, that pays you to answer questions that aren’t listed in the directory.

 As you can see,there are many ways to make money answering questions. Although, you won’t get rich, if you are the type of person that enjoys helping others,  it can be a great  way to earn some extra cash on the side.

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