Typing from Home:18 Sites to Find Legit Data Entry Jobs

legit data entry jobs from home

Legit data entry jobs are some of the most sought after work from home opportunities. Data entry is a general term that is often referred to a number of different administrative jobs that fall under the umbrella of data entry. Such as:

  • Word Processing  
  • Typing jobs at home
  • Information Processing
  • General Transcribing     

For the most part, the work is fairly easy and you don’t need any special skills to get started. Unfortunately, most entry level data entry jobs don’t pay that well.

On top of the fact, that it can be difficult to find legit data entry jobs online.

 Avoiding Online Data Entry Job Scams

Work at home data entry is another opportunity that is plagued by scammers. Real data entry companies don’t charge fees for training, certifications or kits to get started. Legitimate companies give you the work first and then pay you for doing the work, not the other way around.

Here’s some tips to protect yourself. Avoid companies that:

  • Require you to pay a fee for classes, training kits or certifications in order to accept assignments.
  • Promises huge salaries i.e. $50.00 an hour.
  • Sell directories of companies that hire data entry workers.
  • Solicit you without permission via email.
  • Require you to pay a monthly fee to get access to higher paying jobs.

How Much You Can Make

Most data entry workers are hired as independent contractors. Most sites pay via PayPal or direct deposit.The pay structure varies, but include:

  • Hourly wage
  • Per-piece
  • Keystrokes per hour or keystrokes per minute
  • Per-word

The amount you are paid is generally based on the complexity and skill level needed to complete the project. 

For Example:

  • A general typing project that requires you to enter simple forms, may pay anywhere from .03 to 1.00 per-piece.
  • A large project that requires you to enter a lot of data may pay you $10-$15 per hour.

The Best Way to Find Legit Data Entry Jobs

There are a few online legitimate data entry companies. Most are either not hiring at this time and/or have long waiting list. The quickest way to find legit data entry jobs is to register with one or more of the many freelance or micro job websites.

finding legit data entry jobs

18 Sites to Find Data Entry Jobs

If you are interested, I have compiled a quick reference list of 18 sites that you can use to find legit data entry jobs. (Remember some of the data entry companies may not be hiring at this time.)

AccuTran Global – Pay Structure: Per word. 

Axion Data Services Pay Structure: Per piece.

Capital Typing Pay Structure: Per project.

Mulberry Studio Pay Structure: Per project.

Clickworker  Pay Structure: Per piece

DataPlus +  Pay Structure: Per project.

GorgeWarehouse.com  Pay Structure: Per hour. 

Quicktate or iDictate Pay Structure: Per word.

Scribie Pay Structure: Per hour.

SigTrack Pay Structure: Per piece.

Lionsbridge Pay Structure: Per keystroke.

Verbal Ink Pay Structure: Per project. 

Xerox Global Workforce Pay Structure: Per hour. 

Freelance Websites to Find Work

Amazon Мturk Pay Structure: Per piece

Еlаnсе Pay Structure: Per project.

Upwork Pay Structure: Per project.

Fіvеrr Pay Structure: Per project.

Реорlереrhоur Pay Structure: Per project.

Work Hoppers Pay Structure: Per project

Wrapping it Up

I hope you found this information useful, if you know someone else that is looking for legit data entry jobs, be sure to use one of the icons below to share this post.


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