25 Worthwhile Sites to Make Money Writing Online

sites to make money writing online

This post contains a quick reference list of 25 sites to make money writing online. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, “How to Make Money Writing Online“, the demand for good writers is high. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing “work at home” opportunities.

If you have done any type of research, you know that the internet is chocked with hundreds of sites to make money writing online. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these opportunities are for low paying writing jobs. 

In my continued effort to connect you to real ways to earn money from home, I did some  deep research and compiled a quick list of 25 high quality, worthwhile sites to make money writing online  that will pay you $25 – $200 or more per article.


Quick List of 25 Sites to Make Money Writing Online

  1. The Penny HoarderTopics: Ways to save & earn money. Pay amоunt реr роst: $50 – $200
  2. Leaving Work Behind –Topics: Freelancing/Make money online. Pay amоunt реr роst: $50 – $200
  3. Tales To Go- Topics: Travel. Pay amount реr роst: $50
  4. – Topics: Writing. Pay amоunt реr роst: $45 – $50
  5. Listverse- Topics: General Top Ten Lists. Pay amоunt реr роst: $100
  6. MedHatterTopics: Health/Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle. Pay amоunt реr роst: $50
  7. The Krazy Coupon Lady- Topics: Ways to save money. Pay amоunt реr роst: $50
  8. Your Online Biz –Topics:Online Business. Pay amоunt реr роst: $100
  9. eCommerce Insiders- Topics: eCommerce. Pay amоunt реr роst: $75 – $125
  10. Back to College – Topics: Education. Pay amоunt реr роst: $75 – $135
  11. Cracked-Topics: General. Pay amоunt реr роst: $100 – $150
  12. The Dollar Stretcher- Topics: Saving time and money. Pay amоunt реr роst: $50
  13. Black Hair Media- Topics: Beauty. Pay amоunt реr роst: $25-$45
  14. College Humor- Topics:Humor. Pay amоunt реr роst: $25
  15. Scary Mommy-Topics: Parenting. Pay amоunt реr роst: $100
  16. The Travel Writer’s LifeTopics: Travel. Pay amоunt реr роst: $50 – $200
  17. Crafts Bits- Topics: Crafts/Hobbies. Pay amоunt реr роst: $35
  18.  A List Apart- Topics: General Lists. Pay amоunt реr роst: $200
  19.  The Everyday Windshield-Topics: Faith/Life/Family. Pay amоunt реr роst: $50
  20.  Chicken Soup for the Soul-Topics: Life Experiences.Pay amоunt реr роst: $200
  21. Bless This –Topics: General Lists. Pay amоunt реr роst: $100
  22. BootsnAll – Topics: Travel.Pay amоunt реr роst: $35 – $50
  23. Big Grey Horse-Topics: Texas Life. Pay amоunt реr роst: $125 – $2000
  24. AshTray Blog- Topics: Smoking. Pay amоunt реr роst: $50
  25. WOW –  Topics: Women Writers. Pay amоunt реr роst: $50-$150

Other Worthwhile Sites to Make Money Writing Online

  • Writers Weekly– posts writing jobs every Wednesday. Includes a forum for writers.
  • Freelance Writing Gigs – posts online writing opportunities daily. Includes a freelance writing job board. 
  • Problogger – a great job board for blogging opportunities.

make money writing online at home

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