5 Ways to Make Money Online with Website

ways to make money online

As you probably know, there are many ways to make money online with website. According to Brilliant Directories, the world’s leading directory script & business directory software, website directories are a proven way to generate an income online. This article will highlight five profitable ways that you can earn money online with a directory website. 

#1- Ways to Make Money Online with Website: Niche Business Directories

Niche directories are websites that are dedicated to promoting a specific industry. Examples would be directories that help people find college tutors, painters or a hotel.

How You Make Money

Niche directories provide the service of connecting members with customers in exchange for the recurring fee. You make money by requiring members of the directory to pay a monthly or yearly fee to be a part of the website.  You can also sell banner space for ads on the website.

Insider Tips from Brilliant Directories:

The more specific your directory, the better. Stay away from general directories with broad, competitive categories such as lawyers and doctors. Narrow it down. Go for divorce lawyers or physiotherapists instead. This way, your members will feel the directory is meant for them, and you’ll also rank much higher in Google when people search for those terms.”

#2 – Ways to Make Money Online with Website: Local Business Directories

A local directory is very much like a niche directory except that it promotes businesses in a specific geographic area. These types of sites are popular because internet users prefer to use sites that specialize in what they’re looking for near where they live.

How You Make Money

By charging recurring billing subscriptions – either monthly or yearly to local businesses that want to be a part of the directory. You can also make money by selling banner space on your website, or by promoting “featured” businesses on your homepage.

Insider Tips from Brilliant Directories:

The smaller the locality, the easier it is to sell. Chances are, if you live in a town of under 100,000 people, quality websites dedicated to promoting local businesses are very few and far between. Once you get your website up and running, city officials may want to jump on board and help promote your business since you are trying to make a positive impact on your community.”

#3 – Ways to Make Money Online with Website: Members Only Sites

Members-only websites are directories that contains information people would pay to see. Examples of members-only websites include dating sites, coupon sites, job board sites, financial investment sites, and so forth.

How You Make Money

Members are required to log in to access the information that is located on the website. You can charge a one-time fee, or a recurring monthly or yearly fee to view the information.

Insider Tips from Brilliant Directories: 

This is a relatively new industry, which means competition is light. The sooner you launch and make a name for yourself, the harder it will be for anyone to come along later and take away any of your business. It’s important to develop two separate business strategies. You’ll need to figure out how to entice people to leave content on your site that others would pay to see. You’ll also need to attract paying members to your site. It’s a bit of a dance at first, but once things start picking up, you’ll be on autopilot.

#4 – Ways to Make Money Online with Website: Events Websites

Events websites promote events in your local area. This can be for local events, specialized events or national events sites. Some great examples would include: Jazz festivals, craft fairs, sporting events, etc.

How You Make Money 

This is an industry that understands the value of advertising.  You can charge organizers by the event or on a pay- as- you- go model to advertise on your website.

Insider Tips from Brilliant Directories:  

Although a general events website is great, a niche events directory may be even easier to sell. You may want to focus entirely on events for kids, or sporting events, or the nightlife in your city.

make money with websites

#5 –  Ways to Make Money Online with Website: Classified Websites

Classified websites are directories that help people find items or services in their local area. Many people use classified websites to find jobs, advertise their businesses or sell used items.  The most popular classified website is Craigslist.

How You Make Money

You can charge your members for each classified ad. Or you can even sell “packages” where members can purchase ads in bulk at a discounted rate.

Insider Tips from Brilliant Directories:  

There is a growing need for industry-specific classified sites specializing in anything from heavy machinery and logistics, to art supplies and pest control. Start off with limited categories. If you launch your website with hundreds of classified categories, the user experience will be poor, and it’ll be harder to gain traction in your market. Having less categories makes it easier to “fill” each category with real content.

Getting Started

Interested in making money online with a website directory? Then you may want to check out Brilliant Directories. They offer 100% turnkey solutions to help you get up and started in no time. Including:

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What I like most is that they offer a free demo.  Want to know more, you can use this link to check out their website.

ways to make money online with websites

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