7 Easy Work from Home Time Management Tips

work at home time management tips

Time management is essential, especially when you are working from home. Time is valuable and it needs to be used wisely or otherwise what’s the point? You may as well get a traditional job.

Managing time has it’s benefits. People who practice good time management:

  • Are more productive
  • Have more energy
  • Are less stressed
  • Have time to do the things they want to do
  • Relate more positively to others
  • Feel better about themselves

But wait, get this, here’s something very interesting that I discovered: the term time management is a misnomer because time is not something that we can actually manage.  According to an article by, one dictionary definition of time is “the point or period when things happen.”

So what’s the solution.  The trick is to manage events or priorities in and around your lifestyle as it relates to time.  Doing so, will make it easier for you to more done with less effort.

time manage tips

Easy Time Management

Here’s a list of 7 simple practical steps that will  make managing your time a breeze when working from home.

# 1 Prepare Your Day in Advance – Take a few minutes and plan your entire day in advance the day or night before. This will help you to stay organized and be prepared when you start your work day.

#2  Schedule Your Work Time – Schedule and designate the hours you plan to work, just as you would your doctor, hairdresser or a business meeting.  This will give you a greater feeling of being in control.

#3 Schedule Tasks in Time Blocks –  Schedule and block off set times to check your email, post on social media, make phone calls, etc.

#4 Use A Planning Device –  Use a time – saving device that works best for you to plan and manage your activities.

#5 Break Down Tasks – Break down big tasks or big jobs into smaller jobs. 

#6 Focus On One Thing – Focus on the most important project or task first and complete it before moving on to the next thing.    

#7 Organize Yourself – Use an organizing system that works best for you to keep all of your work from home information and activities in one place, i.e. a separate email account, file folders, etc. This will give you the ability to quickly access and find information when you need it and not have to waste time searching through information.



Incorporating a few of these simple time management methods into your lifestyle, will help you to stay organized, focused and most of all be more productive  so you can successfully achieve your goal of earning money while working from home.

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