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The Income Locator is a free work – from – home blog designed to connect you to real ways to make money at home online and offine. My purpose is to help make your process much easier by:

  • Taking away the confusion
  • Eliminating the guesswork
  • Saving you time in research
  • Providing valuable tools and resources

What You Will Find on The Income Locator

You will find articles, videos, free resources and links to some of the best ways that you can use to make money at home. In addition, this blog focuses on the following topics:


incomelocator.comAbout Me

Hi! My name is M.L. Fitz and I am a writer, web researcher and entrepreneur. I have been making money from home for over twenty years. I am living my dream life and I love it.

The road has not been easy. Over the years, I have made a lot of money, I have lost a lot money, and I have  learned a wealth of information along the way.

 I developed this blog for the following reasons:

I understand the frustration and confusion of trying to find real ways to earn money from home. I am passionate about empowering others. I enjoy helping others make their dream of working from home a reality.

  Like most entrepreneurs, I have many interests.

When I first began looking for real ways to make money at home, I tried a little bit everything. I spent countless hours reading books, blogs, magazine articles, watching videos, and purchasing moneymaking products.

The Ways I Have Used To Earned Money From Home Include:

  • Starting and operating seven home – based businesses (three were successful, four were not)
  • Earning extra money on the side as a mystery shopper, merchandiser, field inspector and product demonstrator
  • Working from home as a direct sales rep
  • Making money online doing surveys, freelance work, and affiliate marketing

It took me a while, but I finally discovered my niche.

In addition to running this blog, I currently:

  • Self publish and write books.
  • Sell affiliate products online.
  • Sell niche websites.

 Please Note

The information on this blog is NOT a collection of random information I found on the Web and have thrown together without careful thought. My mission is to make it easier for you to find ways to make money from home. Every effort is made to provide valuable and relevant information so that you can make an informed decision.

The information that I provide on this blog comes from:

Information I obtained through countless hours of researching.Information that I have obtained from credible and reliable resources. My personal work from home failures, experiences and successes from over the last 20+ years.

 About My Quick Lists

You will find that many of my posts contain quick reference list. This is done to keep you from experiencing information overload. With so much information available on the internet, it’s easy to get confused and feel overwhelmed. So I try to keep the lists short, sweet and to the point.

Stay in the Know

I hope you find The Income Locator useful in helping you to find a way to start making money from home. I promise to keep the information up-to-date with realistic (scam free) opportunities that you can “actually” use to earn money from home.

Wishing You Much Success!

M.L. Fitz