7 Best Free Mobile Apps Track Expenses

free apps to track expenses

Need an easy way to manage your expenses? Whether you are working for yourself, freelancing or working from home, keeping track of your expenses is extremely important. Fortunately, in our app-driven world, there are plenty of good mobile apps that can easily help you stay organized; manage and track your income, receipts and expenses.

In this post, you will find a list of 7 of the best free mobile apps to track expenses. Many of them include dynamic features like:

  • Document scanning. 
  • Multiple user accounts. 
  • Multiple currencies. 
  • Security data.
  • Mileage trackers. 
  • Automatic categorization and more. 


7 Best Free Expense Tracking Mobile Apps  

1. Mint –  This popular app gives you all the tools you need to manage your earnings, spending, saving, and budgeting. It syncs up all your accounts, from bank accounts.  Available: iOS, Android, Windows.

2. Quickbooks – This top rated apps lets you manage all of your expenses on the go. Let’s you easily track and see your total profit by automatically categorizing your income and expenses. Free with online subscription.  Available: iOS, Android, Windows.

3. Dollarbird – An easy to use calendar app for managing and monitoring your expenses. Available: iOS, Android

4. iSpending This top rated app lets you track your income and spendings. You can add transactions under different categories.  It also provides a summary for your daily/weekly/monthly expenses on the home page. Available: IOS.

5. AndroMoney –  This easy to use app lets you track and manage all of your expenses in real time. Includes features for multiple accounts, multiple currencies and data security.  Available: IOS, Android, PC. 

6. Spending Tracker – A simple and easy to use app that lets you track and manage all of your expenses. Available: IOS, Android, Microsoft, Amazon.  

7. Receipts by Wave –  An 100% free app that you can use to scan, upload and manage all of your receipts. Available: IOS, Android, PC.  

free mobile apps to track expenses

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