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Earn Cash: Crowdsourcing Online Contests

Crowdsourcing online contests can be  a fun way to earn extra cash. These sites allow you to make money participating in crowdsourcing competitions. Although, it’s not a way to create a steady income, it can be a lucrative way to make some extra money on the side using your creative skills.

Cash prizes vary from site to site. But you can expect to make  $20 up to $1000 and more.

One of the major benefits of using these types of sites is that most pay fast (with 24-72 hours) via direct deposit or PayPal. With one of the online contests, you have the opportunity to win payments for life!

Here’s 15 Ways to Earn Cash with Crowdsourcing Online Contests:

99 Designs – Currently one of largest online graphic marketplace. Allows you to earn cash by participating in design competitions.

BountyIT – This site contains crowdsourcing online contests that reward you for giving your feedback for new business ideas, products,etc.

Create My Tattoo  – This site allows you to use your skills and compete with other artists designing tattoos.

DesignHill – This contest is designed specifically for graphic designers. It allows you to earn money by participating in contests creating logos, website designs, etc.

Kaggle – Earn fun cash by participating in contests predicting real-world situations like natural disasters, consumer behavior, etc.o

Logo Arena – This site has many ongoing contests. You can win cash prizes for creating logos.

Logo Force – Involves entering your logo design for a chance to win $350.00.

LogoTournament – Only accepts a limited amount of logo designers. If you are accepted, you have the chance to compete and win cash prizes up to  $875.00.

LogoMyWay  – Another logo crowdsourcing site. This one has many ongoing contests. Cash prizes vary from $200 to $1000.

Naming Force –  You can enter contests that involve helping come up with name  for companies, slogans, etc. The winning prize ranges from $50 to $500.

Picky Domains – Involves getting paid to come up with cool, unusual  or catchy domain names or slogans. If picked you can make between $25 – $75.

Squadhelp – This site allows you to use your skills and enter contests by creating business names, taglines, logos, performing website usability tests and more. Prizes range from $100 to  $300.

Threadless – Allows you to submit designs for tee shirts. You can even open your own shop if you like. Average winner makes $1000.

Tongal–  Allows you to pitch your ideas for commercials, music videos, etc. If your idea is chosen, you could win a cash between $1000 to $10,000. In addition, you will receive lifetime payments based on the amount prize. Typically residual payments are around 5%.

Zooppa – This crowdsourcing online contest involves creating videos and other graphic works for major brands. If you are chosen, you would be paid  0.001 % of the value of prize.

For example: If the winning project is valued at $15 million, you would receive $20k.

As always, best of luck!

crowdsourcing online contests

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