Get Paid to Write Online: 27 Blogs That Will Pay You $100 + for Guest Posts

earn money writing online

There are many ways to get paid to write online.  If you need a convenient way to earn an  extra income, you may want to consider writing guest posts. In fact, it’s one the quickest ways to make money online at home.

Moreover, there are plenty of websites and blogs that will gladly pay you to contribute quality content to their sites.

What is guest blogging? It simply involves writing posts on another person’s blog. While some sites may require you to have writing experience, many blogs are looking for original articles that appeal to their readers.

27 Ways to Get Paid to Write Online

I have compiled a list of sites 27 top rated sites that will pay you $100 or more per guest post. From travel, to parenting to hobbies, and more you will find sites from several different categories.

Consequently, these gigs are ideal if you are a:

  • Stay-at-home mom
  • Freelancer
  • Retiree
  • Or college student

If you have a desire to earn money writing online, hopefully you will find an opportunity or two that is a good fit for you. Each blog has different guidelines. I didn’t include them so as not to overwhelm you with information.  Therefore, you will want to be sure to look through each site’s requirements to get an idea of what they are looking for from contributors.

A Fine Parent- accepts post related to parenting. Pays: $100.

A List Apart- allows you to guest blog about any related the internet, i.e., user experience, coding, website organization, etc. Pays: $200 per post.

Babble- prefers funny and uplifting stories related to parenting. Pays: $100 – $750

Cracked-  publishes humorous stories. Pays: $100.

Christian Monitor- this site pays you to write about uplifting stories. Pays:$250.

Cosmopolitan-  will pay to you to write your experiences.  Pays: $100.

Desert USA-  accepts posts that pertain to wild life, travel, history or adventures. Pays: $100.

Freelance Mom-  pays for practical and unique post for women. Pays: $150 if your article is shared.

Great Escape Publishing-  pays for stories related to travel. Pays: $50 – $200.

Howl Round- they are looking for post, even essays on art, theatre and performances.  Pays: $150.

International Living-  seeking posts that caters to retirees. Pays: $250 -$400.

Knitty-  accepts submissions about all things knitting. Pays: $75 – $100.

ListVerse-  as the name suggests, this blog is looking for submissions for unusual, yet interesting lists. Pays: $100.

Metro Parent- another parenting related blog. Pays: $35 -$350.

Mirasee-  this site accepts posts about marketing and business growth strategies. Pays: $200.

Model Railroad Hobbyist- looking for articles about model railroads? Pays: up to $230. (Will pay you $1000 for articles that incorporate multimedia and visuals).

Money Pantry- accepts detailed stories about money saving tips, strategies, etc. Pays: $150

Photoshop Tutorials- specifically accepts guest posts pertaining to photoshop. Pays: $150 to $300.

Scary Mommy-  this site pays for contributions relevant to relationships, kids, pregnancy, etc. Pays: $100.

The Men’s Magazine-   pays for guest posts on what it takes to be a man.  Pays: $100.

The Penny Hoarder-  pays for guest posts related to ways to make save, earn or invest money. Pay: up to $800.

The Travel Writers Life-  looking for posts that focuses on teaching people how to get paid to travel. Pays: 100- $150.

Transitions Abroad– this site covers subjects related to traveling and living abroad. Pays: $150.

Viator Travel Blog-  get paid to write online sharing interesting stories  about your travel experiences. Pays: $40 – $150.

 Write Naked- allows you to earn money covering business related topics. Pays: $200.

WOW! Women on Writing-   this websites focuses on journalism, reading, writing and publishing topics geared toward women. Pay: $150.

Your Online Biz-  pays contributors for business and marketing related topics. Pays: $100.

Last Words

There you have it, 27 top rated blogs to get paid to write online. This is just a short list out of many. To find additional opportunities that may interest you, you can search “write for us and get paid.”

Best of Luck.

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