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New to the Income Locator?  Welcome, glad you are here! If it is your dream to find ways to earn money at home and you don’t know where to start, then you are certainly in the right place.

With so many “make money from home opportunities online”, searching for legitimate and good ways to make money can be time consuming, confusing and frustrating. The aim of this site is to help make the process of finding legitimate and good ways to earn money at home less confusing by giving you the answers before you start.

Finding the Best Ways to Earn Money At Home

There are many great ways to earn money at home, from affiliate marketing, to creating an online store, to direct selling opportunities, to money making hobbies and much more.  The reality is that every opportunity is not a good fit for everyone.

The best and most productive way to find your perfect work from home opportunity is to:

  • Search for opportunities that meet your personal and financial wants and needs.
  • Not spend a lot of time with too many different types of money making ideas at once.  (This is not only counterproductive but it will drain you mentally).
  • Develop and write out a plan based on your goals.


Starting Your Search

If you are new to the work from home/ make money online world,  I would like to suggest that you take the time to ask yourself the following questions to help you in developing your plan. 

  1. What is your primary reason for looking ways to earn money at home?
  2. How much money do need / want to make?
  3. How much time are willing to invest?
  4. Are looking for something long term or short term?
  5. Are you looking to replace your current job?
  6. How much money are you willing to invest?
  7. How soon do you want to start earning money from home, i.e. next week, 30 days, 90 days etc.
  8. What type of home based work are you most interested in doing?
  9. What skills do you currently have?
  10. Do you have the time and patience to learn a new skill?
  11. Are looking to make money "online" or "offline"?
  12. Do you have the discipline that is required to work from home?


Taking the time to develop a plan before you conduct your research, will make it easier for you to maintain your focus, save precious time  and help make your dream of earning money from home a reality. 

For more work from home tips, be sure to read this article:  How to Make Dream Home Based Work a Reality.”