make money saving, mango prepaid debit card

(Earn Up to 6% Interest) Make Extra Money Saving: Review Mango Debit Card


*This post contains affiliate links. I personally use this card to make money saving and I highly recommend it as an online direct deposit alternative

I am including this post because I talk with many people that are reluctant about online work-from-home opportunities. The reason being: they are uncomfortable giving out their personal bank account information online. This fear is well-founded.

Much like PayPal, prepaid debit cards are a great way to protect your identity. Here’s why I recommend this card:

  • Mango makes it easy to make money saving.  All you need to do is maintain a minimum balance of $1 and net deposits of $800 every month, and in return, you will earn an amazing 6.00% APR on your money.
  • And unlike most banks and other prepaid debit cards that have  complicated, hidden fees, Mango’s fees are low and simple
  • It’s easy to get a card. Opening an account with Mango takes seconds. There is no credit check, so you are approved right away. You do not have to fill any long forms or wait for the approval from the bank manager.
  • It’s 100% to get a card.

All You Have to Do Is:

  1. Go To Mango website and Open A Free Account.
  2. Fill out the form for a Mango Visa Prepaid Card.

Once your account is active, you will receive your card in 7-10 days. That’s it. You can then make money saving.

The Mango Visa Prepaid Card  works like any other debit card:

  • You can use it to shop.
  • Withdraw cash from it.
  • Pay bills.
  • And even check your balance from any ATM that accepts Visa, around the world.

You can also: 

  • Add funds using Mango Direct Deposit Service.
  • Transfer funds from your PayPal account with zero fees.
  • Transfer funds from your bank account.
  • Add funds to your Mango card from thousands of Green Dot retailers around the world.

My Favorite Feature is the Mobile App.

It allows you the convenience to manage your account on the go. Including:

  • Checking your balance.
  • Sending money to your friends and family.
  • And keeping track of your transactions wherever you are.

The app is available on both the Google’s Playstore and Apple’s App Store.

Mango is a simple way to protect your identity and keep more of what you make. JOIN NOW and start making money by saving with the Mango Prepaid Debit Card.

make money saving, review mango prepaid debit card

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