(Get Paid to Shop, Eat, Sleep) Earn Fun Money as a Hospitality Secret Shopper

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Want another easy way to make extra money while getting great perks like free hotel stays, spa treatments or free meals? Then you may want to consider becoming a mystery shopper in the travel and hospitality industry.


In short, hospitality secret shoppers perform specialized mystery shops in the travel and hospitality industry.  This is one of the fastest growing segments of the mystery shopping industry, so you won’t have any problems finding assignments to complete.

Secret shops are often performed in places like:

  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Casinos
  • Resorts
  • High – End Restaurants
  • Boutiques
  • Private clubs
  • Time Shares, etc.


The work schedule for hospitality mystery shopping is basically the same as traditional mystery shopping. You have the freedom to create your own work schedule and decide which shops you want to complete.

Typical assignments can include:

  • Evaluating the quality of service you receive.
  • Ordering a particular meal and evaluating the quality of the food.
  • Inspecting room accommodations.
  • Checking the cleanliness of hotel, spa, etc.


Mystery shopping it totally legit. In fact, it’s a multi billion dollar industry. And it’s one of the most flexible ways to earn extra money from home.  Unfortunately, scammers have plagued the industry. You can avoid scams if you follow these tips:

  1. Don’t do business with any company that requires you to pay a registration fee.
  2. Don’t pay for membership fees to find “hidden” jobs.
  3. Ignore anyone that contacts you via email without your permission.


The fees can range from $35 up to $500 or more plus reimbursement depending on the types of assignment that you choose.  Some shops may not include a fee, but will reimburse you for up to 100% of your expenses.

Here is a Few Examples of Hypothetical Shopping Assignment: 

  1.  You accept an assignment to eat at a local high end restaurant. This assignment does not include a fee, but it will reimburse the cost of your meal up to $200.00.
  2.  You accept an assignment to evaluate a major hotel chain. This assignment requires you to stay overnight. It pays a fee of  $75.00,  plus reimbursement up to $150.00.
  3. You accept an assignment to evaluate a Casino. This assignment pays a fee of $80.00, plus reimbursement up to $50.00


  •  You may face a lot of competition for the best paying assignments.
  •  Some mystery shopping companies may have strict limitations on the number of times that  you can conduct a shop. For instance, you can only evaluate a particular business once, or once a year, etc.
  •  If you live in certain areas, opportunities for higher paying assignments may be limited.
  •  You be may required to use your debit or credit card to pay for expenses up front for higher paying assignments (particularly in the travel industry). 
  • A few companies prefer to only hire shoppers that have experience in the hospitality industry. 

If you want to the tips and tricks to make more money as a mystery shopper be sure to read my post, How Do You Become a Secret Shopper.”


Not all mystery shopping companies offer assignments in the hospitality industry. Some companies only perform shops in specific industries like restaurants, resorts or casinos. If you are interested in trying your hand as a mystery shopper, here’s a list of legitimate companies you may want to register with.

In addition, you can find jobs as a mystery shopper by searching online using the specific keywords:  “restaurant mystery shopping jobs or companies”, “hotel mystery shopping companies”, etc.

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