Earn Money at Home: 39 Legitimate Telephone Mystery Shopping Jobs

Here’s another extremely convenient way to earn extra money from home- telephone mystery shopping jobs. Being a telephone mystery shopper is just like being a regular secret shopper, of course with the exception that all of the assignments are performed over the phone.

This is a great way to make some extra cash if you:

  • Are home-bound.
  • Live in a rural area.
  • Don’t have access to transportation.
  • Or just want a flexible way to earn money in your spare time. 



The work is straight forward. It involves placing calls to businesses posing as a customer and evaluating your experience. The average assignment takes 15 seconds to 20 minutes to complete.

Typical assignments can include:

  • Measuring the amount of time you were left on hold.
  • Evaluating how you were greeted by an employee. 
  • Calling and inquiring about a certain product or service.
  • Reporting the number of times the phone rang before being answered. 


This one is a win-win. You have the option of choosing which assignments you want to complete. Some assignments may require you to make calls during certain hours or only on certain days. Other than that, once you accept an assignment, you have the flexibility to complete the assignment at your convenience just as long as you submit the report by the due date.


Telephone mystery shoppers are independent contractors. As with most online work projects, the fees vary widely. On average you can expect to make $3-$25 per call.  

For Example: 

  • You accept an assignment to call a hotel and inquire about a room specials.  This assignment could take up to 15 minutes to complete. It pays $10.00
  • You accept an assignment to call an apartment complex posing as a potential customer looking for a two bedroom apartment. You will need to evaluate the leasing agent’s sales skills.  This assignment could last up to 30 minutes. It pays $18.00.



Most mystery shopping companies offer direct deposit or pay via PayPal. There are a small number of companies that only pay via check.

The vast majority of companies that offer mystery shopping jobs pay once a month. There are a few that pay twice a month.  Very few (if any) pay weekly.  Before accepting a job, you can generally find this information in the FAQ section. 


  • If you are looking to earn more than $300.00 a month on a consistent basis, then you will need to sign up with several different companies. 
  • Because telephone secret shopping jobs are so easy the higher paying assignments can go very quickly. 


To get started, you will just need to register as a secret shopper.  You don’t need any special skills to get started and very few companies require experience.

Not all mystery shopping companies perform telephone shops.   Here’s a list of legitimate companies that offer telephone mystery shopping jobs. 

Ace Mystery Shopping

Advanced Feedback

Amusement Guest Experience

Ann Michaels  Associates

Anonymous Insights Inc.

Apartment Shoppe


Assurance Performance

Bare International


Bild Company

BMA Mystery Shopping


Coranet Evaluations Inc.

Customer Perspectives

Devon Hill

DSG Associates

Dynamic Advantage

Ellis Partners

Game Film Consultants

I Secret Shop


Inteli Chek

Intelli Shop

Measure Consumer Perspectives

Remington Evaluations

Ritter Associates

Secret Shopper

Service Performance Group

Shadow Agency

Shopper’s Critique

Shopper’s View

Sinclair Customer Metrics

Sparks Research

Sutter Marketing Inc.

Technology Store Shopper


Test Track Research

The Brandt Group

Trend Source



You can find additional opportunities for legitimate telephone mystery shopping jobs on the following free websites: 

Remember never, ever pay a fee to become a secret shopper, real mystery shopping companies are 100% free. 

work from home telephone mystery shopping

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