12 Exciting Ways to Work from Home in Travel Industry


real work from home jobs

Unfortunately, many people still think working-from-home consists of merely completing online surveys, clicking ads or avoiding online scammers.

If you are one of those people, then you will find this article interesting. Not only are these reliable and legitimate ways to work from home in the travel industry, but many of this opportunities are quite easy to start.  So without further ado, here’s the list:

12 Ways to Work from Home in the Travel Industry

mystery shopper jobs


Enjoy discovering new things? Want an extremely flexible way to earn money at home? Then you may enjoy being an hospitality mystery shopper.

This is one of the simplest and relatively unknown ways to make money from home in the travel industry. As a matter of fact, it’s so easy that practically anyone can use this method to earn extra cash. It is good for retirees, college students, stay at home parents,etc. 

So how does this work? In short, Mystery shopping allows you to create an income by posing as a customer and evaluating your shopping experience.  Most of your work is done outside of your home and can include visiting:

  • Spas
  • Hotels
  • Resorts, etc

If you build up your skills and become fast at completing tasks, then this can quickly be a great way to make a lot of cash on the side.  The best news is that you don’t need any kind of experience or special skills to become a secret shopper. Getting started is just a matter of registering with a legitimate company and you are one your way.

How much can you expect to make? This varies widely, but on average assignments pay between $15-$200 or more. You can maximize your earning potential by registering with more that one mystery shopping company.

If you think you may want to try your hand at becoming a secret shopper shopping, you can check out this post for more tips, advice and a list of sites.  

work at home computer jobsWORK FROM HOME TRAVEL CONCIERGE 

Are you extremely organized? Do you enjoy helping other people? Then this hidden work at home job just might be a perfect fit for you. Consequently, this one offers a huge potential to earn a lot money, if you decide to turn it into a full-time business. 

How it works:  Work-from-home travel concierge, sometimes known as a personal travel assistants, are paid to help busy clients with their travel needs. This can include:

  • Making arrangements for accommodation
  • Researching and booking flights
  • Creating itineraries
  • Locating and making reservations at restaurants
  • Buying tickets to events
  • Planning cruises
  • Helping with tourist visas
  • Assisting with airport transfers
  • Hiring babysitters or caregivers
  • Organizing luxury experiences,etc.

Although you’ll need to be professional and well-organized, in some cases it’s possible to land a gig as a work from home travel concierge without any prior experience. 

How much can you expect to make? You can expect to earn anywhere between $10- $25 per hour.  As you build up your skill base and clientele, you can expect to earn more. 

You can find travel concierge work home jobs on these sites: :

  • AspireLifestyle
  • Suiteness
  • MeetnGreet Me
  • Or on job boards like Indeed. To find the lasted positions, simply type “travel” in the box labeled  “what” and put “remote” in the box labeled “where.”
  • On Virtual Assistant Websites like Red Butler, you can narrow your search down and seek out customers looking specifically for travel assistants.  You can find a list of virtual assistant websites here.

can I make money from homeVIRTUAL TRAVEL  SALES AGENT

Do you prefer to work independently? Are you the type of person that is passionate about selling? If so, then becoming a virtual travel sales agent just may be the way to go. 

How it works:  As a work at home travel sales agent your job would involve assisting customers with their travel needs.  As a whole, your duties and tasks will from organization to organization, but they can often include: 

  • Planning and booking reservations
  • Answering customers inquiries
  • Performing inbound and outbound telephone related duties
  • Advise clients of product packages, cancellation conditions and travel terms, etc.

Virtual agents that work from home in the travel industry  are employed as employees or independent  contractors.  Although many companies prefer to hire people with travel experience, many companies do offer free training. 

How much can you expect to make? Estimated earnings for virtual travel sales agents is between $26,000 and $73,000 a year. 


Want  a remote job with benefits? Don’t mind doing a job that is phone based? Becoming a work at home reservation agent just might be your cup of tea. 

How it works: You’ll be responding to a lot of inbound calls by email and phone from consumers and travel professionals, taking reservations for airlines, restaurants, hotels, car rental companies, etc.  In addition,you will be offering professional advice.

How much can you expect to make? The pay for work at home reservation agents range from $10-$16 per hour on average.  Here’s a list of major companies that offer these types of work from home jobs in the travel industry:

Since not all of companies list above may not be hiring at this time, the quickest way to find open opportunities to search on Indeed.

earn extra money homeBECOME A FARE FETCHER

Looking for a cool way to make money online? Want to engage yourself in something fun and totally different?  Becoming a fare-fetcher just might be your thing. 

How it works:  Fortunately, the process here is not a hard one. All you need to do is signup and start earning cash from home. Okay, that’s not all. But once you sign up on, you’ll be added to the company’s email list.

Now, here’s the catch, you have to be really fast and smart because the first fare-fetcher to find the best deal gets paid. To make it more interesting, if your booking price is lower than what the traveler posted, the difference in amount will be paid to you.

How much can you expect to make? According the website, you can expect to make $20-$30 per hour. Although, it’s not uncommon for someone to make $1,000 in a sitting. Now here’ the best news of all, there’s no fees to join, you get paid weekly and you can work when you want. For details, you can read my review.

work at home internet jobsWORK AT HOME CRUISE PLANNER 

Do you have a knack for finding great travel deals? Enjoy helping others fulfill their dream vacations? Being a work at home cruise planner just might be in your future. 

How it works:  Judging by its name, yep you guessed it, you’ll be helping travelers to plan their cruises right from your home.  You’ll be making commissions on hotels, land tours, travel insurance, shore excursions, rental cars, etc. 

How much can you expect to make? Most companies pay a base salary plus commission. You can expect to earn up to 14-31% of your client’s total spending.  

The best ways to find opportunities for this type of work from job is to check the following sites:

work home online travel businessPROMOTE TRAVEL AFFILIATES  PROGRAMS 

Enjoy spending a lot of time online? Think you might have a knack for online marketing? Joining a travel affiliate program might be a sweet work from home option for you.

How it works:  It’s really simple. Once you register for a travel affiliates program, you get your own unique affiliate link. You in turn promote the link. Now contrary to what most people think, you can promote some affiliate programs without actually owning a website.  Here’s a couple of ways you can promote your link:

  • Include it in your comments on related forums.
  • Post ads on free online classified sites.
  • Create YouTube  videos.
  • Share it on your social media platforms.

How much can you expect to make? This varies widely, because each travel program pays differently.

For Example:

You can earn up to $95 for every successful referral with AirB&B , whereas Choice Hotels will pay you up to 5% commission for each completed stay. 

If you’re interested, here’s a few travel affiliates programs you may want to check out: 


Is it your dream to start your very own home based business? Would you like to work with different people from around the world?  Starting a home-based travel business might be your ideal dream home based job.  

How it works:  As a home travel agent, you make money by booking travel arrangements, and providing additional related services to your clients. Some of these services can include:

  • Purchasing airline tickets
  • Making resort and hotel reservations
  • Providing specific information about destinations
  • And creating itineraries for cruise or tour packages

Since most of these arrangements are made online, you can conveniently sit back and start working while munching on cookies. In fact, you can even choose to work in a specific industry, or the type of travel services you want to provide, i.e., cruises, business travel, Disney vacations, etc.

How much can you expect to make? As with most business opportunities, the amount of money that you can make depends up the number of hours you work, your client base, commission, how well you market your business, etc.

On average, home-based travel agents generally earn between $35,000 to $95,000 a year. If you choose to sell specific vacation types or work in certain markets, like luxury getaways, weddings or corporate trips, you can expect to earn significantly more money.

One of the good things about starting a home-based travel business is that it’s relatively easy to get up and going.  All you need is a home office with the basics, internet, computer, printer, phone, and website,etc., and you are on your way. 

Finding Opportunities: You can start your business by working with a host agency, setting up a white label re-seller program like or buying a franchise. If you are interested, here a few reputable programs:

make money homeBECOME A TRAVEL WRITER  

Are you an avid traveler? Enjoy sharing your experiences? If you have good writing and communication skills, then you can very easily work from home in the travel industry as a travel writer.

How it works: As a travel writer you can get paid to create articles about your journeys. The good news is that there is a big demand for this type of service.  As many guidebooks, blogs, and magazines are often looking for recommendations and real world experiences for their readers. 

How much can you expect to make?  Of course as with most freelance opportunities, the amount of money you can expect to make varies widely.

For Example:

Alaska Airlines Magazine pays $1,000 for a 2500 word article,whereas Literary Travel pays $50.00 for a guest blog post.

According to, travel writers make an average of $38,000 per year. If you are interested finding opportunities, here’s a few sites to get you started:

Bookmark Travel


Frustrated Billionaire

Global Grasshopper

Heather on her Travels 

Inside Journeys

InTheKnow Traveler

Latitude 34

Melted Stories

Travel Bloggers Guide


You find additional opportunities by doing a google search using the following  “write for us + paid travel guest posts or magazines”

can you make money bloggingSTART  A TRAVEL BLOG 

Although blogging is technically not a work from home job in the travel industry, it can be a great way to make money in the long term.

Setting up your blog is easy, and it’s a rewarding way to share your passion with the rest of the world. But unlike most other work at home travel jobs, you won’t make money right away. Depending on how aggressively you pursue it, it could take months before you make one penny. 

How much can you expect to make? The sky is the limit! You can make money with your blog by promoting travel affiliate programs, selling ad space on your blog, and displaying ad networks.

If you want to try your hand at starting your own travel blog, there are hundreds of resources that you can use to get started. Here’s a few:


Do you enjoy hanging out online? Are you savvy with social media? Well here’s an awesome way to monetize your skills, you can earn money from home as a social media specialist in the travel industry!

How it works:  Social media management is one of the hottest in-demand work from jobs. You can work from home for a company in the travel industry, handling their social media accounts, creating and sharing posts and connecting with their customers. 

How much can you expect to make? You can expect to earn anywhere between $15-$35 per hour.  You can earn significantly more if you choose to work for more than one company, start a media consulting agency or become a freelancer.  For a list of sites to get you started, you can check out this post

work at home in travel industryBECOME A WORK AT HOME LOCAL TOUR GUIDE  

Do you like meeting new people from different cultures? Would you like to earn money showing people around your city? 

How it works:  It’s as simple as signing up with one of the many online tour platforms that connects travelers to local guides. In fact,you can land a gig even if you have no experience. 

How much can you expect to make?  On average, you can expect to make up to $45-$60 per hour. Interested? Here’s a few links to find tour guide work from home jobs: 

online work home jobsSELL TRAVEL PHOTOS 

This one is not actually a work from home job, but it can be a good way to some extra cash on the side, especially if you like taking photos.  So if you have beautiful shots from your vacations and travels, you can try to sell them for a couple of bucks. Photos of landscapes, landmarks or unusual scenery tend to sell best.  

How much can you expect to make? While you won’t be able to quit your day jobs, you can expect to earn between $5 up to $125 per image. You can find a list of reputable sites here

Conclusion: Work from Home in the Travel Industry

As you can see, there are many legitimate ways to work from home in the travel industry. From mystery shopping, to becoming a tour guide, to virtual sales agents,  to starting a blog, there’s an opportunity for anyone that has a desire to be a part of the travel industry. And best of all, you can stand to make a lot of money with some of these opportunities!

I hope you found this post useful. Best of luck and be sure to share it with a friend that may be looking to work from home in the travel industry.   

This post contains affiliate links, by the same token, I only recommend products I have found to be reliable and trustworthy.

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